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Surprising Advantages Acrylic Has Over Regular Glass

Surprising Advantages Acrylic Has Over Regular Glass

Acrylic glass, going by different brand names such as PERSPEX®, CRYLON® and PLEXIGLAS®, is a clear, lightweight and shatter-resistant plastic commonly used in various applications, from windows and skylights to picture frames and aquariums. The material is a thermoplastic type, which can be easily shaped and moulded when heated and retain its shape once cooled.

Acrylic Glass vs Regular Glass benefits

One of the critical advantages of acrylic glass is its transparency. It is often used in place of traditional glass because it is 17 times stronger and approximately half the weight. It also offers better insulation properties and can block UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, it is more resistant to impact than regular glass and is much less likely to shatter.
Another advantage of acrylic glass is its versatility. It can be easily coloured, painted, or even made opaque, depending on the desired use. And it can also be moulded into various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for multiple applications.
Regarding cost, acrylic glass is generally less expensive than traditional glass. But it can be scratched more easily and affected by some chemicals. It is also more flammable than regular glass, but not to a dangerous level.
In conclusion, acrylic glass, also known as perspex and plexiglass, is a versatile and durable plastic that offers many benefits over the traditional glass, including increased strength and transparency, better insulation, and resistance to impact and UV rays.
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