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Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

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Our Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is crafted from prime quality virgin raw materials sourced from top-tier suppliers in Europe and Saudi Arabia. They offer exceptional features:

The Solid Polycarbonate sheet exhibits an impact strength 200 times that of glass, weighing only about half that. Achieving a light transmission of 80-90% (clear), our Polycarbonate sheets vary in transparency based on thickness.
Manufactured with UV-stabilized Polycarbonate resin, our sheets resist discolouration. Our Polycarbonate Sheet has UV protection on both sides.

The Polycarbonate sheet withstands adverse weather conditions and maintains excellent properties across a wide temperature range (-40 to 120°C). The sheets boast much lower heat conductivity than glass, with a K-value of 1.2 times less. This makes them highly effective for insulation. They are easy to install: Polycarbonate sheets can be bent while hot or cold, suitable for curved roofs, domes, and windows. The minimum radius of curvature is 175 times its thickness.

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Our polycarbonate sheets find use in various glazing, roofing, and sound barrier applications across industry sectors and for applications like cladding, flashing, decorative applications, lighting, and thermoforming, including:

  • Partition walls
  • Door glazing
  • Roofing
  • Skylights for caravans
  • Solariums
  • Sound barrier walls
  • Sunshade for stadiums and bus stations, gazebo, carport, canopy for corridors and subway entries
  • Flashing for roofs, bank ATMs, and gateways
  • Agricultural greenhouse roofing and walls
  • Soundproof partitions, glazing windows and gates


Cut to Size Service

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For more complex fabrication cuts like circles or angles, we can connect you with our trusted partners for expert assistance.

    Thickness: 2mm
    Size: 3050 x 2050mm