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Greenhouse Panels

Greenhouse Panels

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At Plastic Solutions, we have 3 types of Plastic Sheets that are superb for greenhouses.

1) Acrylic Sheets (Plexiglass or Perspex sheets) are clear like glass. It is 50 times stronger than glass and is excellent for most glazing applications, including greenhouses. You may know this material as 'perspex' and it comes in large sheets 10ft x 6ft (3050mm x 2050mm) which we can cut to size for you at no extra cost. Acrylic is cheaper than Polycarbonate but not as strong. 

2) Polycarbonate Sheets are also clear like glass. It is 200 times stronger than glass and is virtually unbreakable. You could (and we have tested it!!) throw a hammer at Polycarbonate and it will bounce off! It is available in sheets 8ft x 4ft (2500mm x 1250mm) and also in 10ft x 6ft (3050mm x 2050mm) which we can cut to size for you at no extra cost.

3) Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets are a clear, structured plastic sheet that has air pockets or 'flutes' inside them. While it is clear, the inclusion of the air pockets means that it is not as clear as a standard 'single' pane of glass. It is typically used as an overhead canopy sheet for lean-to roofs, patio covers and other roof-type applications. It can also be used standing vertically making it ideal for greenhouse walls as the structured interior of the sheet gives it additional rigidity.

Multiwall Polycarbonate is available in very large sheets 2.1mtrs high (2100mm) x 7mtrs (7000mm) long and in thicknesses 10mm (called twinwall polycarbonate), 16mm (triplewall polycarbonate) and 25mm (fivewall polycarbonate). Again we can cut this material for you at no extra cost and you only pay to the nearest square meter - in other words, you do not have to buy the full-size sheet! There is also a range of fixing accessories available that help you secure it and these can be used for vertical applications as well as overhead.

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