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Cutting Service

Where can I enter Cutting Notes?

Where can I enter Cutting Notes?

When viewing your cart at checkout, you can enter cutting details for the sheets you are buying.

General Cutting Details

We have wall-mounted industrial saws to cut multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets and we also have flatbed industrial saws to cut other types of plastic sheets.

Note: The saw blade takes 5mm on each cut. Please allow for this if working out cut panels from the sheet.

1. How does our cutting service help you?

  • Well, for one, it'll save you time and money! Less labor for you and faster turnaround time.
  • The revolution of our saw blades is configured to ensure a clean and thorough cut in a safe and controlled environment. Our saws have industrial screen guards, so there's no risk to you, your equipment, or your staff.
  • When we cut Multiwall Roofing Panels, we also blow out the flutes using compressed air and we tape the end of the panels with a breather and aluminum tape. If you do not want your multiwall sheets to be taped, please let us know by typing “Do not tape sheets” in your order notes.

A fair usage policy may apply.

2. Can you cut shapes for me?

No, at Plastic Solutions, we can cut squares and rectangles only. We do, however, have contacts in plastic fabrication throughout Ireland who can help you if you need holes cut out, holes drilled, corners rounded, panels bent at angles, panels cut to shapes etc.