Extruded Clear Acrylic Sheet
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Extruded Clear Acrylic Sheet

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CRYLON® comprises an extensive range of large-format, extruded acrylic glass sheets featuring outstanding clarity and first-rate optical characteristics, excellent colour rendering and varying degrees of transparency.

Our free cut-to-size service is ideal for DIY projects such as secondary glazing, picture frames, shed windows, greenhouses, and many more.

More reading:

  • Construction components: light domes, partition walls, glazing, roofing, caravan windows, sound barrier walls
  • Lighting: prismatic control lenses and opal diffusers
  • Engineering components: housings, machine covers
  • Advertising and decoration: letters, shop fittings, panels, POS/POP displays
  • Other applications: containers, lettering templates, solariums UVT (UV-transmitting grade)


  • Good optical properties
  • Brilliant transparency
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • High-quality surfaces
  • Very good weathering and ageing resistance
  • Can be used in contact with foodstuff – meets all current European food control legislations
  • Does not contain any toxic materials or heavy metals. 
  • Easy to recycle
  • Easy to fabricate




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  • Sheets from €35/order (up to 15 sheets)
  • Accessories €10/order (free, if included with sheets order)
  • DIY Kits from €50/order

Other Counties & Northern Ireland:

  • Sheets from €35/order (up to 15 sheets)
  • Accessories €10/order (free, if included with sheets order)
  • DIY Kits from €65/order

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Cut to Size Service

We offer a free cut-to-size service!

You can enter cutting details in your order notes when viewing your cart at checkout.

For more complex fabrication cuts like circles or angles, we can connect you with our trusted partners for expert assistance.