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Glazing Bar Snap Down Bar 10-25

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A variant of the Capex Bar, the Capex Snap Down has a rigid, flat aluminium base bar, combined with a UV stable PVC clip down or 'snap down' cover. Capex Snap Down 10-25 is an economy glazing bar ideal for roof canopies, lean-to roofs, and shelters. The Capex Snap Down Bar is used when you have rafters running horizontally from Left to Right, but you want to insert a sheet running vertically from North/South.

* The '10-25' description denotes that this snap-down bar is suitable for multiwall polycarbonate thicknesses from 10mm up to 25mm.

Transport / Shipping
Best transported lying flat. These bars have a rigid base and will not bend. You will need 3.0mtr or 5.0mtr horizontal clearance if collecting or transporting.
Size: 3 metres
Colour: White