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U Channel

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U Channel 2.1 meters

The 'U' shaped profile, also known as the 'Roof Sheet Enclosure' or RSC, is a PVC channel that fits on over the taped end of the sheet, usually at the (gutter end). It provides an aesthetic finish to the sheet ends and also protects the breather tape from the elements.

When fitted correctly, a Multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheet is placed with its channels or ribs running down the slope or 'fall' of the roof. This would place the cut ends of the sheet, which are now taped, at the gutter end at the bottom of the slope. The PVC 'u' profile is push-fitted over the sheet's taped end. Sheets ends at the top or start of the slope are usually covered with foil tape and PVC 'U' profiles are not used, as it is assumed the top end of the sheets are not exposed and are instead going under an existing eave, or are being covered with flashing or other fixing profile, e.g. LTF

Colour: Brown
Thickness: 10mm