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Fixing buttons 10mm White - Pack of 10


Roof fixing buttons are used on intermediate rafters (where capex bars are not used). They are a robust, moulded PVC button, that includes a protruding neck or grommet extension.

They are fitted by drilling through the multiwall sheet and then inserting the button (and screw) and screw tightening in place. It is a common practice to insert silicone into the hole that has been drilled, in order to provide water tight seal when the button is being placed.

It is important not to over tighten the button screw when fitting, as this can cause the surface of the sheet to be slightly 'dented' or depressed, which could result in water droplets pooling or being drawn into the depression.

Sizes available:
Fixing buttons are available in sizes matching the type of Multiwall sheet you are using, so in 10mm, 16mm, 25mm. The fixing buttons look the same, however the fixing screw is longer in each case. 

Colours / Type
Available in White or Brown, hard PVC moulded plastic.