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Please allow 2-3 days on cutting
Please allow 2-3 days on cutting

Komacel sheet White or Black

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Color: White

Komacel is the world’s no. 1 plastic sheet formed using the celuka extrusion process. The products unique properties are down to a combination of a tough solid outer skin and a cellular core manufactured in a single process from the same material. 

The product process gives their sheet a lighting core and a robust outer skin, upon which pattern or gran effect is applied.

The Integral Foam Sheet for Universal Cladding Applications

The Applications
1. Prefabricated Buildings
2. Food Processing Plants
3. Diary Milking Parlours
4. Wet Rooms and Showers
5. Food preparation areas
6. Chemical and Laboratories
7. Container Conversions
8. Outdoor Kitchens
9. Furniture manufacture
10. Vehicle conversion
The features
1. Good Acoustic insulation
2. Low thermal conductivity
3. Good Flexural strength
4. Resistant to Chemical and Corrosion
5. Low water absorption
6. Easy to paint
7. Excellent direct printing results
8. Weather resistant and lightfast
9. Flame retardant (up to 10mm)
10. Excellent bonding properties
11. Lightweight & Easy Installation