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New standard delivery rates from €25

Foamalite White 3.0mm 1250 x 2550 No PE

SKU FML322501250

FOAMALITE® expanded rigid PVC sheets are ideally suitable for applications in the field of visual communications. Used as a print substrate or as a creative, coloured or co-extruded sheet, FOAMALITE® always delivers what it promises.

FOAMALITE® premium makes the perfect display board for exhibition booths, POS/POP displays or even signage as it is lightweight and also offers excellent dimensional stability.

Thanks to its smooth, white, flat surface, FOAMALITE® x‑press is the ideal choice for outstanding printing results.

FOAMALITE® colour offers a choice of nine different colour tones. The solid, vibrant colours of the expanded rigid sheets offer optimum colour fidelity.

FOAMALITE® plus is a co-extruded expanded rigid PVC sheet consisting of high-quality white cover layers and a black recycled core. The hard, smooth, bright white surfaces provide extra scratch resistance and rigidity in comparison with common expanded rigid PVC sheets.



Displays (POS/POP)

Signage | Lettering

Corporate identity

Shop design | Shop window decoration

Interior design | Furniture

Partitions | Cladding

Exhibition design and construction

Model making

Short term promotional campaigns

Food contact approved

Construction business"