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Flashtex Sealant 4x5m Lead Finish

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Flashtex is a roll of flat, hi tack (sticky) tape available in widths of 4" and 8" wide and in roll length segments of 5mtrs. It provides a waterproof seal over roof joins and is used commonly where the roof sheet or roof structure joins the supporting building, or where there at major intersections on stand alone roofs (e.g. Pergolas).

The outer side is a 'lead look' matt type finish, the other side is the hi tack, sticky side. It is a thin layer of butyl flashtex that has the consistency of very sticky putty and once it touches a surface, it is 'on'. Once pressed in place, it is not designed to be lifted and moved, so care should be taken where placing it and only remove the thin cover film when you are finally ready to fix in place.