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Pergola roofing

A Plastic Solutions, we can supply sheet cut to size to suit your garden pergola.

Choose from flat sheets like glass in either Polycarbonate or Acrylic (Perspex), or alternatively, choose a lightweight structured sheet like Multiwall Polycarbonate.

Pergola Roofing (image courtesy of Paul Gorman)

 This image is reproduced with permission from Paul Gorman. 

Flat sheet like glass

There are 2 options on flat 'rigid' sheet.

1. Acrylic PMMA (Perspex)

This is clear sheet that looks like glass. It is half the weight of glass when matched thickness for thickness. Perspex is approximately 60 times stronger than glass.

Sheet thickness:
As a thickness' guide, you want to be looking at 6mm upwards. Thinner sheets will not have the structural integrity or strength for roofing applications.

Sheet strength:
As a strength guide, if you were to hit 6mm thickness Perspex with a hammer, it 'might' crack but you'd be at it for a while to make it crack!. It's a tough, all purpose sheet that offers high clarity and also UV protection (minimum 10yrs) for outdoors.

Sheet Size:
Acrylic sheets are only available in large sheet size 3050 x 2050mm, which is equivalent to 10ft x 6ft.

We can trim / cut the sheet to size for you but you must buy the full sheet. We supply cut squares or rectangles only. Angles, drill holes, rounded corners or cut patterns from sheets can be supplied by a sheet fabricator. We can put you in touch with one of these fabricators who will have their own charge for this work. Please enquire at time of ordering. 

Price guide:


2. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is also a clear sheet that looks like glass but it is renowned for it's strength and longevity. While Perspex is regarded as having higher clarity than polycarbonate, polycarbonate is till as clear as glass and much stronger. Polycarbonate is approximately 200 times stronger than glass when matched thickness for thickness and would also be half the weight.

Sheet thickness:


Sheet strength:


Sheet size:


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