Coloured Acrylic and Coloured Perspex sheets
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Coloured Acrylic and Coloured Perspex sheets

Coloured acrylic (or Perspex) offers the opportunity to be creative with block colors or tinted colured sheets of plastic.

Due to the variety and range of different colours and tints in this range, we use colour swatches and pre Covid19 the usual process was to visit our office and browse through the swatch. When you found something you liked, we simply ordered it from the supplier, usually based in the UK or mainland Europe.

There were 2 options regarding delivery:-

1. You can wait until we have a stock shipment inbound and then add your colour sheet to the load. It means that you pay less for shipping but you have to wait longer for it to arrive.

2. The 2nd option was to have your sheet (or sheets) shipped direct. You pay extra for the delivery but it meant that you get it quicker.

Covid19 and Brexit have obviously impacted our stock shipments and hence our delivery times. If you have an interest in any colour Perspex type sheet, please contact us on +353 1 409 8000 and we will make enquires on your behalf with our suppliers.

Here's what we do know:

1. Sheets are only available in a full sheet size 3050 x 2030mm (10'x6'). We can cut the sheet for you at no extra cost but you have to buy the full sheet.

2. Thickness available is 3mm or 5mm only. There are no other options.

3. Solid colours, Translucent (tinted) and Flourescent colours are available. On more specialist colours, a minimum order quantity (MOQ) may apply.