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About Roofing Sheet

When it comes to roofing, we've got you covered!!

We supply 2 types of sheets used in roofing projects.

1. Structured Sheet

- Called Multiwall Polycarbonate (fluted with air channels).
multiwall polycarbonate roofing

2. Solid Sheet

- Like Clear Polycarbonate, or Clear Acrylic (solid sheets like glass, also known as Plexiglass or Perspex sheets)
clear roofing sheet 

To help speed up your inquiry, read the tips below before you contact us...

      1. DIMENSIONS - have an idea of the dimension or area you wish to cover. We need this to work out the size of the roofing sheet you require. Please give us your dimensions in feet or mm.

      2. MATERIALS - think of the type of sheet you want to use (see pics above). The multiwall sheet is clear with ribs/flutes running through the sheet. It is cheaper per sq. mtr and can cover much larger areas (stock sheets are 2.1mtr x 7mtr long). Solid Polycarbonate sheet will look like glass. It comes in smaller sheet sizes (10' x 6') and will be more expensive per sq. mtr than a Multiwall sheet. 

      3. RAFTER SPACING - if you have rafters already in place, let us know the spacing or distance between those rafters. This dictates how we will cut and supply the sheet.

      4. LOCATION - let us know where you are in the country. This is required for the transportation cost in your quotation.

      5. CONTACT NUMBER - if we can phone you with any queries, rather than email you, it means that we can provide the quotation for you much quicker.


Notes about CUTTING

We can cut sheets into square or rectangular panels. Cutting is FREE on most jobs but if you come to us with a very large, multiple-panel job requiring our saws, work area, and staff to be engaged for several hours, then there will most likely be a charge. Please ask ahead of time. 

Our industrial saws are wall-mounted (for multiwall cutting) and flatbed (for sheet cutting). For this reason, we cannot cut angles on any sheets. We can of course supply the 'master' rectangular or square panel and you may cut the angle yourself.