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Please allow 2-3 days on cutting
Please allow 2-3 days on cutting


Aluminum Composite (ACP) 3-5year

Composite aluminum sheets comprising a black PE core with an ultra thin layer of aluminium on either site. The aluminium skins are white coated one side and either primer or mill coated on the other side. They come in various micron thicknesses depending on the application e.g. Fabrication grade would have a slightly thicker skin to allow scoring etc. The sheets would look almost identical if held in the hand. A mirror type variant is also available.
  • €150.36

    Mirror sheet | 1220 x 2440mm

    3mm thickness composite aluminum (ACP) mirror is flat and rigid, providing a high reflective finish. Ideal for most projects like shop fitting and ...

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  • €56.24

    White Aluminium Composite (ACP) | 1220 x 2440mm

    3mm aluminium composite sheet made up from a polyethylene centre with light skin layers of aluminium on the outer sides. The has variations in the ...

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