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New standard delivery rates from €25
New standard delivery rates from €25

Wall Cladding

PVC wall cladding is a cost-effective and convenient way to protect your walls and surfaces.

The walls of a building are susceptible to many types of damage. Plastic wall covering is the perfect defence. Our range of wallcoverings can withstand extremes of heat, adds a layer of damp protection and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Our pvc wall cladding solutions are incredibly cost-effective when compared to alternatives like tiles and other forms of cladding. It is also extremely robust - Plastic wall cladding will retain its look and shape for years to come and, in the unlikely event of damage occurring, can be easily and quickly replaced.

Our range of wall cladding has a solution for every wall! We supply three types of cladding sheets: 

  1. Standard – Our standard range is perfect for the domestic environment and general-purpose cladding, great for shower units & wet rooms, utility rooms, and kitchens
  2. Premium – This is the ideal choice for commercial applications, including kitchens & food prep areas, clean rooms and many more. Our premium range is CE certified
  3. Anti-microbial – This incorporates Biomaster technology to add another layer of defence. This makes it perfect for health clinics and hospitals, pharma, and veterinary practices. It is also CE certified

If you would like to know more about our range of pvc wall cladding sheets, why not contact one of our friendly and expert team.

Coming soon:

  1. Decor Cladding
  2. Cladding Accessories