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Please allow 2-3 days on cutting
Please allow 2-3 days on cutting

Foam centred sheet

Foam centred sheets are a selection of sheet products used in the signage and craft industry. Extremely lightweight, the sheets consist of a polyurethane core, with harder outside skins. The sheets can be scored and bent and are often used in fabricated structures or Point of Sale displays and other indoor applications.
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    5mm Foam-X® Sheet

    Foam-X® sheet by 3A Composites is a lightweight sheet with a polyurethane foam core and coated multi-layered paper liners, suitable for indoor appl...

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    from €370.44
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    STADUR Sign SF | 2440 x 1220mm

    STADUR lightweight foam board VISCOM SIGN SF consisting of dual sided hard PVC foam skins is the long-standing, proven light foam sheet. At Print S...

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    from €52.74