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Please allow 2-3 days on cutting
Please allow 2-3 days on cutting


Clear roofing sheet

Clear Roofing sheet is for users who wish to purchase clear sheets like glass, as opposed to structured Multiwall roofing sheet. Clear roofing sheets are commonly used in Pergolas, Greenhouses, Lean-To roofing and many other applications.

There are generally 2 sheet options suitable for outdoor roofing and glazing.

1. Acrylic Glass (PMMA)
2. Polycarbonate

Both are clear like glass. Polycarbonate is considered the stronger of the two and it is available in large sheets (10ft x 6ft) and also smaller sheets (8ft x 4ft). Smaller sheet only in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness.

Acrylic glass sheets only come in large sheet size (10ft x 6ft). We can cut any sheets to your required sizes at no additional cost. 

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