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Black Acrylic Glass (Plexiglass) Sheets

Acrylic Glass, also called perspex or plexiglass, is made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and is the perfect choice for looks because of its high transparency, resistance and UV stability. 

Black acrylic glass is a "hi gloss" perspex sheet, offering a very smooth surface and hi reflection properties.


  • €143.86

    Extruded Acrylic Black 3mm 3050x2050mm

    CRYLON® are large-format acrylic glass sheets with brilliant clarity and very good optical characteristics. Approximately 60 times stronger than gl...

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  • from €168.26

    Cast Acrylic Black

    Cast Acrylic Black 3050x2030mm is a hi gloss black acrylic sheet size 10' x 6'. At Plastic Solutions, we can cut this sheet to different panel size...

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    from €168.26