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Don't miss out on our website-wide sale, with prices reduced by up to 30%!
PVC Wall Cladding

The Benefits of PVC Wall Cladding

PVC wall cladding is an incredibly versatile wall covering that can be used in a wide range of commercial and private situations. It is a cost-effective and practical material that is easy to install, hard-wearing, and long-lasting.

But that's just the beginning, this article describes everything you need to know about PVC wall cladding and discusses a few of its many benefits.

What is PVC Wall Cladding?

As the name suggests, PVC wall cladding is a plastic-based covering for walls. A building's walls are incredibly susceptible to damage, and PVC wall covering is the perfect defence.

With a layer of PVC wall cladding to protect them, the walls of a building are guarded against everyday wear and tear, dampness, and dirt & grime. It is easy to install, simple to repair or replace and will keep protecting your walls for years to come.

There are many different types of PVC wall cladding sheets on the market, but basically, there are three categories that most sheets will fall within: 

  1. Anti-microbial – This is an advanced PVC sheeting that incorporates sophisticated technology to add anti-microbial properties to the PVC wall cladding. It is mostly used in the health sector, including hospitals, clinics, veterinary clinics, and the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Standard – This type of sheeting is most often used in a domestic environment. It is perfect for a wide range of household uses, including shower cubicles & wetrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. 
  3. Premium – This is the perfect wall cladding for commercial uses. It is commonly used in commercial kitchens, food production plants, clean rooms, and food preparation areas.
  4. Pharmaceutical - When looking for an FM standard PVC cladding sheet, our pharmaceutical low smoke B S2 D0 fire-rated sheet fits the bill, within this specified range, we can also supply vertical and horizontal PVC corner coving.

Advantages of PVC Wall Cladding

We have already touched on a few of the many benefits of PVC wall cladding. In this section, we take a closer look at these and a few of the other major benefits of installing PVC cladding sheets on your walls.

Simple to Install

This type of wall cladding can be quickly and easily installed without the need for specialised tools and equipment. Panels can be easily cut to size and installed by anyone with a modicum of DIY skills.

To get an idea of just how easy these sheets are to install, it is useful to draw a comparison with tiles, one of the main alternatives to PVC wall cladding.

For example, tiling an entire wall or shower unit involves cutting multiple tiles, usually with specialised tools. Then each tile needs to be precisely placed and glued to the wall. Finally, the newly tiled wall will need to be grouted to finish the job.

With PVC wall cladding, the job is much easier – Start by cutting the sheet to the desired shape and size, then glue it to the wall. It can't get any simpler!

Easy to Clean and Maintain

PVC wall cladding is simple to keep clean once it is installed. Tiled surfaces provide indents and crevasses that are ideal collecting areas for dirt, grime, and bacteria. The grouted sections also get dirty extremely quickly and can be very difficult to clean.

Keeping your walls clean is made simple when PVC wall cladding is installed. There are no cracks and crevasses for grime to get established in. Washing it is as easy as giving a quick wipe with a wet cloth and some mild detergent. (Important - Always check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, and it should be noted that chlorinated or abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided.)

Finally, another hygiene benefit of PVC wall cladding is its inherent resistance to mildew and mould.


There are hundreds of uses for PVC wall cladding. For both commercial and domestic situations, PVC cladding is a perfect solution for circumstances that include: 

  • Hospitals and health clinics
  • Factory and industrial use
  • Food processing plants
  • Kitchen walls and splash guards
  • Laboratories
  • Hotels
  • Public WCs
  • Wetrooms, bathrooms, and shower cubicles


PVC is a great insulator and will add a further layer of both sound and thermal insulation wherever it is installed. With soaring fuel prices and changing climate patterns, this is more important than ever.


When the time eventually arrives to replace your PVC wall cladding, disposal of the old material isn't a problem. PVC is easily recycled and can be disposed of in any plastic recycling facility.


This type of wall cladding can be installed and forgotten about! Under most circumstances, you can expect PVC wall cladding to keep its shape and integrity for years to come.

Of course, accidents do happen, and if the worst does happen and your cladding gets damaged, it is far from being the end of the world! One of the other great benefits of plastic wall cladding is how simple it is to replace if it ever becomes damaged.

It also has a fantastic resistance to extremes of heat. So, even in the most extreme of circumstances, PVC wall cladding will retain its integrity.


PVC wall cladding works out cheaper to buy than many of the alternative cladding types. But this isn't the only saving, this type of cladding also saves money in the following ways:

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced downtime for commercial installations
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Long-lasting

Summing up

If you are looking for the perfect cladding for either commercial or domestic uses, then PVC wall cladding should always be on the list. It is an easy to work with, simple to maintain, and robust solution that is versatile enough to work in just about any situation where wall cladding is required.

At Plastic Solutions, we have years of experience in supplying the finest quality PVC wall cladding sheets to businesses and home users. Why not contact us today and speak to our experts, who will be delighted to advise on how plastic wall cladding can transform your walls.

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